The smash-hit show Hate n Live is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 at the Big Cave on Cowgate at 10:30pm, every night of the Fringe!

"A great idea for a show, brutally funny... absolutely brilliant!" - Scotsman.

"Raucous, dick-swinging comedy" -

“The audience howled with laughter, and I even saw grown men moved to tears as the comedic anarchy ensued…every show is guaranteed to be unique and hysterical" ½ -

Could you defend the indefensible? Or love the unlovable? In the age of snowflakes The Great British Hate Off is an improvised standup show like no other. The format is brilliantly simple. Audience members write down topics that panellists must hate on. In outsourcing topics to the public, no subject matter is out of bounds. It's Whose Line Is It Anyway? meets Room 101.

Despite the title, Hate ’n’ Live is not a hateful show – far from it. This hilarious and edgy format comes into its own when we see some of our best comedy minds squirm and skate round contentious subjects. It’s just as hilarious as seeing them unload both barrels onto something everyone hates.

This comedic tension and release, unique to Hate ’n’ Live, has seen it grow to become a cult, sell-out sensation at the Edinburgh Festival for 5 years running with rave reviews to match.

Hate Off features the best comedians at the festival improvising their hatred for topics suggested by the audience. Topics are selected at random and then the comedians must hate on it. The audience will hold their breath as they wait to see how the comedian will approach a sensitive or controversial subject

only to dissolve with laughter as the comedians provide surreal and unexpected takes on the topic provided.

There are a variety of rounds including a roast round where everyone roasts an audience volunteer. Something that has proven a hit on the road. Others include: Quick-fire, Hate The Mic, Hate n Love – a flip on the format where our panellists must love the topics provided.

"A great idea for a show, brutally funny... absolutely brilliant!"

- The Scotsman

"Raucous, dick-swinging comedy" -

"Genuinely offensive...dangerous…a traumatic experience for some audience members" - The National Student

Hate n Live is the creation of Leo Kearse and Darius Davies who are bringing their solo shows “Right Wing Comedian” and “Persian Of Interest” to the festival.